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Joe Slater | Campus Minister

Joe was raised in a large family from Arlington, VA. Graduated from JMU in 1989 with a degree in kinesiology. Married his bride, Terri, in 1989. Taught and coached in Harrisonburg, VA until 1992. Attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL from 1992-1996. Was youth pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg from 1996-2007 and college ministry pastor at Covenant from 2007-2014.

The Slaters have been blessed with five children (Nathan, Anna, Austin, Iain, and Naomi). Joe loves his family, sports (especially soccer and football, but pretty much all sports), outdoors, good books, good food, and good coffee.


Cayla Sherrell | Intern

Cayla was born and raised in Northern Virginia, is the youngest of three siblings, and competes with her family dog, Nestle, for attention. She graduated from the College of William and Mary with a B.S. in Physics and Sustainability, a major that she created herself because she could not make up her mind. She also minored in Process Management and Consulting, just to really take advantage of that "liberal arts" education. While pursuing these various academic endeavors, Cayla devoted a majority of time to extra curricular activities that included RUF. Through this organization she experienced an outpouring of love through the community that RUF fostered which is centered around the Gospel. Through the relationships with her own interns, and the hunger to continue growing in God's word, Cayla decided to pursue an internship with RUF after graduating in 2016. 

When Cayla is not knitting in a corner alone, she is probably hanging out at a local coffee shop, (where she does not drink coffee) and is hoping for someone to launch into a conversation about spirit animals. She also has a passion for dancing and singing, neither of which she does well, but through which will encourage herself and others to be their authentic selves.

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Jessi Seelinger | Intern

Jessi grew up in Winchester, VA, in your not-so-stereotypical (maybe a little stereotypical), large homeschooling family.  She attended James Madison University and cherished her involvement in RUF.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Work in December, 2015, and found her post-grad work in mental health to be extremely meaningful.  She couldn’t stay away from RUF long, though, and is now thrilled with the opportunity to intern at her alma mater.  Jessi hopes to eventually return to social work or work towards a degree in counseling.  

From middle to high school, Jessi lived in a dance studio for all intents and purposes.  While she enjoys many types of dance, her greatest appreciation will always be for classical ballet.  She also loves singing her heart out with her mediocre (at best) guitar skills, asking new acquaintances too many personal questions, drinking good coffee and being outside (so long as it’s above 50 degrees).


Andrew Parker | Intern