Large Group

Join us every Wednesday night at 8:00pm in Madison Union (Taylor) 405 for worship, time in the Word, fellowship, and food! Come learn who Jesus is and what His death on the cross has done for us.  We'd love to see you there, and definitely invite your friends!  

Small Groups

Our RUF Bible studies will focus on growing deep in God's Word, knowing and loving each other in Christian community, and serving together.  This semester our small groups are studying individual book studies that cover topics such as idolatry, women in the church, and indwelling sin. All are welcome!

MONDAYS @ 5 in SSC | studying 1 Samuel | led by Andrew and Tyler (men only)

MONDAYS @ 6:30 in Bridgewater | studying 2 Timothy | led by Cayla and Jaye (women only)

TUESDAYS @ 6:30 in SSC | studying Ecclesiastes | led by Erin and Shannon (women only)

THURSDAYS @ 7:30 in SSC | studying Exodus | led by Mikaela and Sophie (women only)

FRIDAYS @ 3 in MU 309 | studying Judges | led by Emily, James, and Joe